What is Best Gym Floor Mats?

gym floor mats

The best gym floor must be selected for your gym. Otherwise, you will get fed up easily after doing workouts. The traditional flooring used in gyms are hard and tough. So they are not suitable for performing workouts. A gym floor mat should assure the protection of your joints when doing exercises.

There is a number of floor mats available at the market. So it is a challenging task to select the best gym floor mat for your home gym or commercial gym. Most popular and widely using gym floor mats are rubber, foam, carpet, vinyl, and turf flooring.

You should select the best gym floor mat by considering the features and other properties like durability and easiness of handling them.

Foam Mats

If you are doing more exercises that include lots of sit-ups and stretching, foam mats will fulfill your requirements. This is considered as the best gym mat for athletes. You can easily clean these mats by wiping it with a damp cloth. So you can have a clean mat within a few minutes.

The foam mats are lightweight products. Anyone can easily carry it. Foam mats absorb shocks. So you can use it for babies also.

It takes only a few minutes to install a foam mat on the gym floor. What you want to do is lock the tiles together by placing the foam mat. Customer design can also obtain in different colors. This is one of the cheapest available at the market.

Rubber Mats

Rubber mats will long last for years after installing. The rubber mats used in ice skating rinks last for more than 10 years without any distortion. These mats can absorb lots of shocks. So it is ideal for the ones who perform very tough workouts that include lifting heavyweights. The sound absorbency of these mats is also at a very high level. Rubber floor mats for the gym are water-resistant and anti-microbial.

You can easily clean these floor mats. The rubber floor mats for gym can be easily installed without help from an expert.

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Carpet Mats

Carpet mats are one of the durable gym floor mats available at the market. It is very soft just like a foam floor mat. You can use carpet mats for tough works because it is suitable for rough use. It is very easy to maintain these mats. You can buy carpet mats in a variety of colors.

Turf Mats

If you are searching for a floor covering mat that ensures safety you can try Turf mat. The risk of getting injured is at a very low level. You can do activities like running, cross-fit, and calisthenics on a floor covered with a turf mat. A turf mat remains for a long time though it is subjected to frequent tear and wears. Grass Gym Floor Mats

Turf mats are easy to clean. They can provide a modern appearance with many functionalities to your gym.

Vinyl Gym Floor Mats

Vinyl Gym Floor Mats

Many colors are available in Vinyl mats. So you can have a checked appearance or any other nice pattern on the gym floor. These mats are highly durable. You can use this mat for a long time if it is not abused by heavy vehicles.

Installation of a Vinyl mat is very easy. You can easily clean it with water and mild soap. These mats are not damaged by oils and auto chemicals. So you can use it in garage home gyms.

Best Flooring for a Commercial Gym

Flooring rolls will provide a luxurious type of flooring. You can have flooring rolls for a commercial gym. These floorings are not much expensive. They can cover a large area.

The floor is perfectly leveled and appeared smooth because it has gym flooring at fewer places where floors join together. It has very little possibility of forming gaps on the gym floor.

The thickness of the Rubber Gym Floor Mats

The thickness of the rubber gym floor ranges from ¼’’ to ½’’. If you want to reduce the cost of flooring you can opt for thin sheets with thickness in the range 5mm to 8mm. but my suggestion is best size of gym floor mats 1/2 inch.

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