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Best Chair Mats for Carpet

Do you want to get a warranty for the expensive floor finishing of your home? Then you should use chair mats. If not the flooring manufacturer will hesitate to offer the warranty. There are ample of chair mats available at the market. But you must choose the best one having the best quality. We will discuss some of the reasons for you to buy a chair mat.

Buy Best Chair Mat of 2020 

To Protect Your Carpet

Wheeled chairs damage the carpets on your floor. The rolling chairs generate a massive pressure which can not beard by the carpets used for flooring. 

These chairs generate a pressure similar to 100 times more pressure than a footstep. 

So the carpet can break. The chair mat will help to prevent any damage by spreading the down force generated by the chair.

To Reduce Fatigue

The user does not want to put much effort to move the casters or wheeled chairs on chair mats. Repetitive Strain Injuries can take place in the absence of a chair mat. 

Need Less Maintenance

The floors require regular maintenance. But the chair mats will reduce the regular maintenance. These mats avoid the initial contact of dirt, dust particles, and any kind of mildew with the floor. 

The Way to Use A Chair Mat for a Carpet.

You must select the best chair mat for your office to enhance your comfort and efficiency. The following facts will be important to you when choosing the perfect chair mat suits for your needs. 

The thickness of the chair mat

The thickness of a chair is very important. The mat should have a thickness that suits to your floor. A thin mat can cause extra expenses due to the cracks on it within a few days. The thickness of the mat depends on the thickness of the carpet. It is a good decision to get a sizing up for a mat when you don’t have an idea about carpet thickness.  A thicker mat will provide extra support, comfort as well as protection to the floor. 

The shape of chair mats.

You can buy chair mats in three shapes. Those are rectangular, light bulb, and lip. The rectangular chair mat is considered as the most versatile one that suits many office layouts. 

A light bulb shaped chair mat is suitable for a corner desk or an I-shaped desk. The lip chair mat goes with rectangular writing tables or desks and U-workstation. 

The size of chair mats

You should always select the right sized chair mats for the working area. 

The chair mat sizes vary with the layouts, desks, and roll area. You must select a chair mat that covers the whole area of the workspace. Don’t select a giant mat that will end up putting it under the furniture. 

Those giant mats will not handle so much down force. So it will get cracked frequently.

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You should consider the cost of the chair mat before buying it. Normally believes that the higher the price better the quality. Though it is not 100% true there’s a kind of truth. Consider all the other factors before buying a highly expensive mat. 


There are a variety of chair mats. Workstation chair mat and lipped chair mat are two examples. 

The corner style workstation mat contains an extended lip-edge and a rounded triangular chair. It allows the caster to roll closer to the working desk. The triangular-shaped mat comes with a similar rectangular extension on the edge. It allows the mat to fit much closer to the desk. 


You need to know about the functions of the mat you are buying. 

You should buy a low pile carpet mat for moderate use at home. A medium pile carpet mat is suitable for everyday office use. The high pick up carpets come with an ability to provide a good pick for extensive use. If you want a carpet mat for highly extensive use extra-high pile mat is the ideal one.  

Flat pile carpet mat and flat to low pile carpet mat are the other options You can select a chair mat considering all your requirements. 

Design Finish

Designer chair mats come with a variety of designs. The silver-colored finishing, metallic bronze finish, and brushed steel finish features soft are some of the finishings giving to the chair mats. There is also a world map finished chair mats. It contains a world map pattern on the chair mat. The black and white stripe pattern comes for the chair mats having the design of zebra.  You can select your favorite design. 

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User Guide

Taking the use of a chair mat is a very easy task. All you have to do is to place it on a carpet where you will be placing the wheeled chair. It will avoid damaging your carpet and flooring due to the pressure of the caster. You have to place the chair mat in the right place. 

Follow the below points to ensure better care and long life of the mat.

  • Cleated chair mats are for carpeted floors. So don’t use it directly on hard surfaces like tiles, concrete, stones, wood, and vinyl. The mat will less durability. 
  • Unroll the rolled chair mat as soon as possible. A rolled mat will get much more time to get into its original shape.
  • Folding chair mats must keep at room temperature for about a minimum of 4 hours before unfolding it. 
  • So you can clean the chair mat with a damp cloth and mild soap. You can gently with soap cloth and clean, dry cloth.
  • You can use a soft brush to remove stubborn dirt. Don’t rub it too hard.
  • Dry the mat completely after cleaning before taking it into use. 
  • Direct sunlight and moisture can damage the chair mat. So avoid them.
  • You should not use the chair mat where it is exposed to temperature below 16 below degrees Celcius or above 35 degrees Celcius.
  • The cleated chair mats need much more care than the others.


A chair mat will help to ease your tasks. You should buy the best chair mat which fits your needs. 

Chair mats provide you with a balanced life. It reduces the chances of getting any joint injury, strain, or fatigue. A good quality chair mat will provide complete solace and ecstasy.

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